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Jess & Benj Wedding (Tala Game Reserve)


In my attempt to be better at blogging this year, I have decided to start blogging about every wedding (if I can) Also if you know someone who can blog for me, please send them my way because HELL, this is hard work - requirements - must be funny, have terrible English so it looks like me writing and must be able to write the biggest amount of mambo jumbo and expect no one to read it - ha ha (also, when I write HA HA with a space, I hope people read it that way)

ok ok enough about me, nothing worse than heading to a blog to read about how to make a pudding and someone has written their entire life story of how they came to love Apples.

SO, on an extremely HOT summers day (as it is in FEB) in Durban, Jess and Benj decided to tie the knot! Let me tell you, it was a magnificent day indeed.

All their nearest and dearest travelled from JHB mostly and some from Durbs and all came together to watch such a stunning memorable moment. I won't lie, when I arrived I immediately regretted wearing black, but it was well worth every second of being at the wedding and capturing these two.


Dress - Veil Couture

Video - Big Day Film co. (Tayla Barnard - head over to my Video tab to see her INSANE work)

Venue - Tala Game Reserve

Ladies and Gentleman - Mr and Mrs Lawson

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