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Karl & I were supposed to be getting married on May 30th 2020, at Bellwood Wedding venue which unfortunately we had to postpone due to Corona Virus & lock down - blah di blah

BUT OH MY GOSH, did we have a surprise !

We woke up early to thee most glorious day, and honestly it was the first time I really felt proper sad that we weren't having "our special day"

We had planned to have a braai at our place with close family of course breaking as little rules as possible.

Only to get home after buying food for the braai to being forced to shut up and sit down. Our lovely friends Craig Van Oene (Our Grooms-maid) & Natascha Puttkamer put together a video to introduce us to our special Quarantine day ! (which was hilarious) Will upload it here when I get it.

For reference we all LOVE zombie movies so they created a special theme using zombie land rules and quotes ! (attention to detail)

We had no idea they had been planning such an epic day for us.

We were pulled into separate rooms & given clothes to wear.

DRESS - A gift from Craig for Bali

GLITTER - Hooray Weddings, which is AWESOME !

And I had a kitty mascot with me while getting ready.

Renee Beetge (Brides-sister) made the most insane effort to make this day incredible !

Thank you to everyone involved ! Karl & I love you & appreciate everything you have done for us to make thee most memorable day !

We were then walked out to a huge setup surprise !

With these awesome Hooray Weddings confetti cannons !

MOM, made us Bride & groom masks !

(yes, It looks like a bra) haha

feat. Craigs awesome woodwork skills !

The speeches were so special because they made Vows to us ! It reversed the pressure on us as we obviously had no idea this was about to happen. These Vows to us were incredible !

Here are some more awesome moments, ending off the braai with some marshmellows over the fire, blurry photos & a special bottle of wine from special people to us !

The videos & some lovely moments from having my Helper Gladys join to unwrapping awesome gifts from Hooray weddings.

RENEE - Thank you for making an ENTIRE scrapbook which BTW is AMAZING and also organized everything & all the goodies ! Thank you for rounding up the troops to make videos ! Also just for being the best sister in the whole world ! & Our Photographer

CRAIG - Thank you for making signs, designing a back-drop, getting drinks & making everything a jol ! ALWAYS !

NATASCHA - Thank you for being our "on the day" coordinator - the planning to get us out the house, donating your bottle of champers to the cause & printing all the awesome rules and signs.

MOM - Thank you for helping with everything & always sewing everything at the drop of a hat.

HOORAY WEDDINGS - Thank you for the AMAZING gifts, you guys are something special !

CAKE IT! - For the earl Grey cake.

BRIDAL PARTY - Thank you for your effort on the video which made us CRY ! And the letters !

WE LOVE YOU !! & My brother & Flower girl Bella & Michelle !

KARL'S PARENTS - Thank you for everything & the amazing potato salad ! We love you guys !

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