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Airbnb & At-Home Weddings Guide

In these times, it is the thing to do! Get married at home or in your Airbnb of choice!

Because these weddings are generally much smaller, lots of couples tend to take on all the responsibilities themselves. I mean this does save you money and is manageable, but there are a few things that can make your day flow smoother. After working a bunch of these weddings last year and this year, I have nailed down a bunch of things that people generally don't think of because its hard to foresee.

And here is a list for you.

1. MC.

Get an MC even if it is a friend that is there and even if there is only 20 people attending. THIS single handedly can help your guests know what is happening, otherwise the bride and groom are trying to organize people and tell everyone what to do and where to go, instead of enjoying their own moments.


If you're doing an Airbnb Wedding, make sure you have asked your venue beforehand if you are allowed to have your wedding there. This is important, because you don't want them finding out and forcing you to stop or something like that - eeek


When you are inviting everyone make sure you let them know what dress code you are having. This may seem obvious to the bride, but because you are having it at your home or Airbnb you don't want your uncle rocking up in his "comfy" pants ;)


Personalize some things to make it super cute. It can be something simple like printing everyone's name on the place setting, or getting a hand-drawn picture of them made for their place setting. Print signs and things that make sense to help people know where to go and when to go there like a timeline.


Floral can change a room, a table scape or just the area in general. I know that hiring someone to do this can get pricey, but if you can spare it, DO IT. It really does make a HUGE difference. If you can not afford it. Collect your own vases and pick flowers yourself or go to checkers and get a few bunches! They are gorgeous! I also do recommend maybe paying for a meet up with Oh Happy Day DBN to chat about your day and consult them. They can help you make better decisions and things that might help you make your day gorgeous without costing an arm and a leg.


Chairs! Everyone will want to sit at some point! Make sure there is a chair for each person. (some people may not be having a sit down dinner) Then I'd say, hire something that you find important for the venue, like an Arch if you know it will make the venue make more sense or look amazing.

P.S Fairy lights can make your day look like a fairytale!


Number one, make sure you hire a proper photographer to record your special day, it might not be your "big" wedding but I can promise you, you will want to remember it, and remember it beautifully! I have seen tons of people asking their Aunty (avid photographer of birds) shoot their day. I am not telling you, you will regret this because I am a photographer, I am telling you to help you avoid it.


Make sure you have enough parking for everyone. If not, make sure to tell everyone to Uber or ride together.


Yes it's not really the biggest deal, you can get ready in a garage and if you have a good photographer they can make something from it, but for your own bridal party or own well being, plan ahead that there is a space you can get ready and take great shots


This one is a MUST! Please organize someone to do this, because it can take a lot of work to make it flow smooth. Zoom - Make sure you have EXCELLENT connection and you have a tech person on making sure this stays on but we do recommend going live rather - this way your close friends can watch it live and not have to sign into zoom. It is just alot easier.

MUSIC - have someone set this up for sound good sound and assign someone who understands technology to play the music, it will be really awkward if the wrong song plays while you're walking down the aisle. Hire someone to do this! especially because this side of the industry was hit really hard SUPPORT them!


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