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Guide to eloping in South Africa

For all the brides out there, the past two years have been an outrageous time to be alive, never mind planning a wedding. After plenty of postponements and a heart full of sadness instead of joy (like you should be feeling by the way) there is another option!

What is an Elopement?

Well, the google definition is "run away secretly in order to get married" which I found hilarious and also kind of true! Basically it's just you and your person and you can go ANYWHERE to get married! yes, ANYWHERE!

These are very popular because it gives couples a reason to travel and have a destination wedding as well as it is super intimate!

HOWEVER, there isn't just ONE WAY to elope, there is no real set way to do anything to be honest, so you can be creative and have a wedding with 10 people at a cool place and it can be beautiful as well as cost effective!

Pros and cons.

Pros -

Costs effective

No covid restrictions can stop you! (I think)

Unique photographs in an unique location

intimate and romantic

No one gets COVID from your wedding

Cons -

Aunty Susan who has been saving that LBD since you were born might not understand not being invited

You don't get that wild party with everyone on the day you say I DO - however you can always do this after

No family photos - which is partly a pro for me, as I found this super frustrating at my own wedding

Granny and Grandpa won't be able to witness your I DO's

How to plan this -

  1. Reach out to your photographer & videographer and find out if they have an elopement package.

  2. Inquire if they know anywhere really epic to say I do.

  3. Book your Officiant

  4. Write your own vows to make them extra special and have the videographer film this.

  5. Book your venue (if you want to host it at a venue)

  6. Book your photographer and Videographer

  7. Get a dress and a tux maybe a veil but wear comfy shoes, it's guaranteed to be a walk or hike somewhere

  8. Get a bouquet!!!

  9. Book accommodation close by for the weekend after you say I do and relax as newly weds.

  10. Make it unique by adding things that are important to you both!

  11. pro tip. Create a boho cinema vibe somewhere once you receive your photos and video and invite your friends and family. Let them all watch it and have some drinks and pizza. (kind of wishing I did this now)

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